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The Great Skills Shift

The Forces Driving the Future of Industrial Labor

Portrait of Jon Langenfeld
Jon Langenfeld, CFA, is Baird's Head of Global Equities and Director of Research. He serves as part of the Baird Executive Committee and co-heads Baird's equity origination efforts. Prior to joining Baird in 2000, Jon was a senior manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers, providing supply-chain consulting services.

A Letter From Jon Langenfeld

Conventional wisdom suggests industrial labor is neither prestigious nor lucrative nor a viable career path – but Baird does not subscribe to this view. This supposed wisdom has actually given way to several increasingly urgent questions for global industrial companies. How will the industry respond to mounting labor shortages – and moreover, how will it cultivate the talent and skill sets needed for future growth?

Baird opened its doors in 1919 in the heart of the U.S. industrial belt. Since then, we've not only witnessed the growth of leading industrial companies – we've participated in their development, partnering with firms through market cycles and sector developments. As we celebrate our 100th anniversary, we reaffirm our commitment to the industrial sector and will continue to invest in the insights, capabilities and relationships our clients need to succeed in the evolving environment.

Our Global Industrial Conference, now in its 48th year, provides a unique forum for networking and discussion of the trends shaping the industrial sector. Our 2019 Global Industrial Report offers focused insights on the future of industrial labor and how industry companies are addressing the great skills shift.

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Owning the Challenge

A panel of C-suite executives discusses how global companies are addressing the industrial sector's labor crisis.

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Driving Efficiency

Baird Global Investment Banking reports on how global companies are implementing innovative strategies to mitigate the industrial labor shortage.

Photograph of man working with industrial robotic machine.
Man Meets Machine

Baird Capital explores the unique advantages of collaborative robots, or "cobots."

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Baird's Global Industrial Conference

For nearly 50 years, Baird's Global Industrial Conference has connected premier companies, industry leaders and active investors.

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Backed by Baird's Premier Industrial Platform

Baird's Global Industrial Conference is complemented by the firm's industry-leading research, sales and trading capabilities, and investment expertise.