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Baird's Industrial Conference

Making Connections, Creating Opportunities

45 years

Since 1971, Baird's Industrial Conference, held annually in November in Chicago, has provided the ideal forum for companies' leaders to connect with current and future shareholders as well as key decision makers from across the industry.

One of the longest-running and largest annual events of its kind in the United States, Baird's Industrial Conference regularly attracts C-level presenters from leading industrial companies, giving them the opportunity to interface with the "who's who" of the Industrial and Energy investment sectors. These executives share their stories with qualified institutional and private equity investors, portfolio managers and buy-side analysts through fireside chat presentations and 1–1 meetings, all carefully coordinated by Baird's renowned conference team.

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Why Baird's Perspectives Matter - 3D rendering of London
Why Baird's Perspectives Matter

Baird's Head of Global Equities looks back on the firm's commitment to and co-evolution with the global Industrial sector.

The New Industrial Revolution - Abstract close-up photo of speaker
The New Industrial Revolution

A panel of senior executives from leading Industrial companies discusses the ideas and technology shaping the sector today.

Technology in the Industrial Economy - Abstract blue globe outline
Technology in the Industrial Economy

Baird Global Industrial Investment Banking emphasizes the need for diligence when evaluating new technology acquisitions.

Grow and Thrive - Photo of haystacks in field
Grow and Thrive

Baird Capital highlights recent work with Digi-Star to show how private equity can drive industrial efficiencies.

Backed by Baird's Leading Platform - Opaque globe on yellow background
Backed by Baird's Leading Platform

Leading research and corporate access plus a global network of expertise make Baird's Industrial Conference invaluable.