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Why Baird's Perspectives Matter

A letter from Jon Langenfeld

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Jon Langenfeld, CFA, is Baird's Head of Global Equities and Director of Research. He serves as part of the Baird Executive Committee and co-heads Baird's equity origination efforts. Prior to joining Baird in 2000, Jon was a senior manager at Pricewaterhouse Coopers, providing supply chain consulting services.

For 45 years, Baird's annual Industrial Conference has been successful by many measures – from growing attendance to broadening end-market representation to globalization of content. This success is rooted in both the history of our firm and our ability to expand our expertise alongside the evolution of the sector.

Our Industrial sector expertise is a natural extension of our 1919 origins as a Midwest-centric financial firm, headquartered in the center of the U.S. Industrial Belt. The globalization of the industrial supply chain over time provided us with a unique opportunity to broaden both our geographic presence and expertise. Similarly, the technology that enabled globalization and increased industrial innovation helped Baird expand our end-market exposure and further globalize our perspectives and relationships.

This co-evolution continues today, making our Industrial Conference as relevant as ever. Conference attendees appreciate the insights from Baird's dedicated research analysts as well as senior executives from leading industrial companies. These views complement perspectives from our investment and operating professionals around the world to present a comprehensive picture of this rapidly changing sector, and this is the rich context we've attempted to capture in this 2015 Global Industrial Report.

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The New Industrial Revolution - Abstract close-up photo of speaker
The New Industrial Revolution

A panel of senior executives from leading Industrial companies discusses the ideas and technology shaping the sector today.

Technology in the Industrial Economy - Abstract blue globe outline
Technology in the Industrial Economy

Baird Global Industrial Investment Banking emphasizes the need for diligence when evaluating new technology acquisitions.

Grow and Thrive - Photo of haystacks in field
Grow and Thrive

Baird Capital highlights recent work with Digi-Star to show how private equity can drive industrial efficiencies.

Baird's Industrial Conference - Photo from Baird Conference
Baird's Industrial Conference

For 45 years, this premier event has connected senior executives from leading companies with qualified investors.

Backed by Baird's Leading Platform - Opaque globe on yellow background
Backed by Baird's Leading Platform

Leading research and corporate access plus a global network of expertise make Baird's Industrial Conference invaluable.